The forKICKS Athletics and Education Organization at the Toronto Azzurri Youth Sport Village

forkicksSgt Stephen Hicks from Toronto Police Division 31 and his organization forKICKS Athletics and Education Organization sponsored by ProAction Cops and Kids will be running community programs at the Toronto Azzurri Youth Sport Village.  to many children from challenged families and allow them to play soccer in organized indoor and outdoor leagues. Through the assistance of “Proaction Cops and Kids”, a Toronto  Police Sponsorship initiative, Sgt. Hicks and his “forKicks” program has annually sponsored up to 100 children in the Toronto Azzurri Summer Development League. The “ProAction Cops and Kids” funds also allows Sgt. Hicks to run other sport programs for “At Risk” kids such as Flag Football, Aussie Rules, Wrestling and Tug ‘o War. Education programs will include anti-bullying, gang reduction, financial literacy, “flashlight Freddy” and nutrition.

ProActionThe Toronto Azzurri S.C. are proud to work closely with the forKICKS Athletics and Education Organization and will continue to offer sport and cultural opportunities in our new Toronto Azzurri Youth Sport Village.

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