Month: February 2008

$10,000 Raised for Sick Kids

As part of a number of social and sport initiatives for 2008, Toronto Azzurri and Sergeant Stephen Hicks of 31 Division of the Toronto Police, jointly organized a Valentine’s Dinner Dance held at the Riviera Parque Banquet Center on Friday, February 8, 2008. The event was a resounding fun-filled evening and a financial success. The event was dedicated to The Toronto Sick Kids Hospital Neonatal and Oncology units, and it is estimated that $10,000 was raised.

More than 430 guests attended the Dinner Dance to enjoy an evening of remarkable fare, a show featuring Dancing with the Stars and talented singers. The night was permeated with great music.
Many honoured guests were in attendence including over 50 nurses and doctors from Sick Kids. Toronto Azzurri and 31 Division wish to express appreciation and gratitude for an unforgettable evening.