Youth Soccer Equipment

The required equipment for playing soccer is specified in the Laws of the Game which is created by the association of football. When you sign up with the Toronto Azzurri soccer organization, your registration will include a regulation soccer ball, a soccer jersey, soccer shorts and socks.  To play soccer you only need to have approved shin guards and a pair of soccer shoes. Soccer equipment is generally cheap, which makes it affordable for anyone to buy.


EyeGlasses are allowed if they are sports spectacles and are safe for the players themselves and for other players. Referees should show tolerance when authorizing their use, particularly for younger players. Materials such as metal or glass are not acceptable. In recreational and house league games referees are expected to show common sense and allow spectacles as long as the basic principals of Law 4 are met.

Youth Soccer Shoes and Cleats

Soccer shoes are especially designed for the sport of soccer and are refered to as cleats. Some have cleats and some are made for indoor soccer. Click here for more information on Youth Soccer Shoes & Cleats



Youth Shin Guard
All soccer players, from utter novices to total experts, have to wear shin guards. It only makes sense in a sport whose primary method of locomoting the ball involves kicking it out from under your opponent’s (also kicking) leg! We’ve all banged a shin into a table at some point, and have hopped around in amazement that such an innocuous accident can be so painful. Click here for more information on Youth Soccer Shin Pads