Month: October 2012

Devos: A coach’s primary objective is to teach.

This article is a link to the Jason Devos TSN blog article

With no MLS games scheduled this past weekend due to the international break, I had a rare opportunity to go out and watch my 10-year old daughter play indoor soccer. It was her fourth game of the season, but the first game that I had been able to attend.

Like many house league teams across the country, my daughter’s team plays a schedule of games over the course of the indoor season. With indoor facilities stretched to capacity, there is little – if any – time to schedule additional practices for the players. It is a less-than-ideal situation, because the vast majority of learning takes place in practice, rather than in games.

While my intention was to simply play the role of supportive parent, I realized very quickly that the players on my daughter’s team were in desperate need of guidance. Not one to stand by and stay quiet, I offered some assistance to my daughter’s coach. She happily agreed – thus promoting me from being an interested parent to coaching the team.

There was no time for anything but a quick warm-up with the ball; a hastily organized GK-3-3 formation (the only caveats being that when we had the ball, we were all attackers; when we didn’t have the ball, we were all defenders) and then we were off.

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