Month: May 2014

Team Snacks

Team Snack is part of the child’s team experience. For most kids, they are a big part. While you don’t want to get your kids all hyped up on sugar, neither do you want to reduce this fun aspect of being in a soccer league. For our family, team snacks were a big deal at the younger ages.  Wondering what the post game snack treat would be often overshadowed what was happening on the soccer pitch.

When it’s your turn to bring the team snacks, there is a balance between surprising the kids with a snack that they would love, and keeping the soccer moms happy too.  Moms may think that carrot sticks are a great healthy snack but junior may be hated by the rest of his team mates. However, there are some good tips you can follow when it’s your snack night. Here are some suggestions:


It’s nice for you to be conscientious of the kid who might feel left out. Make sure that you accomodate any dairy, gluten, or nut-allergies. Be sure to read labels carefully and to consult the child’s parents if you need help or have questions. If your child has any fiood allegies, let the coach and other parents know so that your child is not left out.


A drink and a small snack should be enough.


While we want home food to be minimally processed, realistically, prepackaged is easier and more appropriate in some
 circumstances.  You may want to stay away from homemade items on snack day because you want the other parents to feel comfortable and not wonder what your kitchen is like. That’s what would make me feel most comfortable as well. Plus, having pre-packaged convenience items makes it easy to pass out snack as well as store leftover items for another time.

When you do bring food with packaging, please don’t litter and leave your wrappers on the fields. Put all litter in the many garbage bins at the fields.


While you are in no way obligated to feed the families of the players, if it’s in your budget to bring extras for younger siblings, that is always a nice gesture. The mom or dad who’s been trying to keep the baby or toddler happy during the last hour will be so grateful that you have something to share with their little one.


Chilled beverages

  • Bottle water
  • Juice boxes or pouches
  • Dye-free sports drinks – while these still have processed sweeteners, they are a welcome alternative to drinks loaded with artificial coloring


  • Yogurt tubes – If you freeze them the night before they are kind of like a popsicle which is very cool (pun intended) for hot days.
  • Applesauce in the pouches – no need for a spoon and the GoGoSqueeZ brand is unsweetened
  • Cheese sticks, individually wrapped
  • Individual bags of crackers, and granola bars
  • Individually packaged fruit snacks, fruit leathers, dried fruit, apple slices, apple chips
  • Individually packaged baby carrots (yes, really)

Summer Soccer in Bloom

The Toronto Azzurri Summer soccer House League begins its 15th year with the new Azzurri L.I.U.N.A. Clubhouse in its backdrop.

Under the leadership of GM Peter Kovacs and Mary Severino and with the strong support team of Joanne Lenarduzzi and Les Anning,  2014 is shaping up to be the banner year.  Throughout the 13 weeks culminating with the Azzurri Day Saturday August 16, 2014 Mondays and Wednesdays have been designated for our Summer House League.

Please take some time to come out and meet players, coaches and parents.