Mission Statement

The Toronto Azzurri Soccer Club will deliver the highest quality sport programming, with support from our Community’s most knowledgable Soccer experts, within a “Centre of Excellence” Facility to create a fun environment while building character and leadership skills for all its participants.

With various partners, the Toronto Azzurri S.C. will build a Toronto Azzurri Youth Sports Village that provides programs to youth in Northwest Toronto. Those programs will develop positive character and deliver the skills necessary for success in life, both through the conduit of sports. In doing so, we will furnish other communities with flexible, practical templates for their own use and success.

Vision Statement for Toronto Azzurri Youth Sport Village

Like many others, we want to make life better for those less fortunate than us.  Like them, we blaze a path to do that. Like them, we face significant challenges. And like them, we cannot succeed alone. So we will bridge those challenges together. We will house multi-purpose indoor/outdoor facilities for innovative programs in several disciplines. From the world’s most popular, soccer, to one of the world’s oldest, tug of war, as well as several other activities. Through them we will develop the noble character our club members exemplify, and teach skills that are core to a productive life. These characteristics and skills last a lifetime.

Our high performance approach to soccer will be exported and adapted to various other sports, and ventures ranging from community work to job training to academic and life skills mentoring. Our objective, for those who participate in our Village, is success in whatever their chosen pursuits.

In facing our community’s long term challenges, we recognize there are many causes needing help, and too few people able to give that. Through a creative learning cycle, we will develop people from being less fortunate to being highly-skilled, impassioned assets to our communities. In turn, they will lead others in their successful path. In doing so, we will replace the vicious cycle of despair with a new cycle of hope.

Core Attributes
We deeply value the following attributes, which have been core to our success. They can be core to anyone’s success in virtually any pursuit:

Knowledge – Knowing what we need to know, learning that, and applying it. Knowledge + Planning = Preparation

Opportunity – Recognizing and properly using opportunities. Opportunity + Preparation = Success

Leadership – Providing the guidance, motivation knowledge to lead others to achieve goals, no matter how high the obstacles or delayed the gratification. It is not enough to merely create leaders; we must create leaders who will themselves create newer ones.

Passion – Channeling passion as a positive force, providing force, providing efforts, motivation and determination. From passion comes sacrifice, and from that eventual rewards.

Respect – Teamwork, partnerships, and any collaborative efforts require respect of others. Individual success also requires respect of oneself. In either case, it cannot be given; it must be earned.

Character – Our temperament, personality and spirit make up our character, who we are. However, who that is can be made better, character made strong.

We Teach Soccer and Build Character!