Month: June 2018

Picture Day

AZZURRI FINAL DAY 2010 019Say Cheeeese!   Please show up for your team photos 15 minutes prior to the times.  You should be dressed in full uniform and all coaches should all be wearing their coach shirts.  

If you would like to order more pictures/playing cards – you will receive information to fill out and give to the photographer.  Fees to be paid to the photographer.
Players come dressed for practice – full uniform
Photos will be taken inside the common room of the clubhouse

Here are the dates and times based on divisions…

Monday June 11th

Age Group Time
4 Year Old 6:30 PM
5/6 Year Old 6:45 PM
7/8 Year Old 6:30 PM

TUESDAY June 12th

Age Group Time
U-17 6:30 PM

Monday June 25th

Age Group Time
9/10 Year Old 7:45 PM
11/12 Year Old 7:30 PM
13/14 Year Old 8:30 PM