Students – EARN UP TO $5,000 Towards Post-Secondary Education This Summer by Volunteering with TASC!

We have volunteer opportunities with TASC and you can earn credit towards the CSSG.

Join TASC this summer to help your community… could also help support your return to school this fall.

The COVID-19 crisis has created many health, social and economic challenges.  Just as you’re concerned about your ability to save for your education and secure future employment, not-for-profits face disruptions to the essential community services they provide.

In response, the Government of Canada has created the Canada Student Service Grant (CSSG), a program that will provide post-secondary students with safe, inclusive and accessible learning and volunteer opportunities to address relevant COVID-19 challenges at Canadian not-for-profits this summer.  Participating students will also be eligible to apply for the CSSG – from $1,000 to $5,000 to be used towards post secondary education and expenses.

How the CSSG benefits you:

 Working with TASC and your fellow students (we are recruiting up to 50 volunteers for our club) in our community, you can put your interests and abilities to work for a not-for-profit cause this summer.

You can give back in an intentional way, plus enjoy these benefits:
1. Valuable on-the-job training and work experience
2. Eligibility to apply for the CSSG
3. Meet new people and have a great summer

We need your help to support our community, so apply today!

CSSG_Letter to Student Volunteers

CSSG_Program Overview for Volunteers