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It’s National Volunteer Week!

Yes we do love our volunteers, and the Toronto Azzurri would like to thank all the folks who selflessly donate their time and efforts to “lift our community” and help the Toronto Azzurri Soccer Village service the North York area year after year.  

Running a non-profit organization is challenging and it would not be possible without our volunteers.  Some examples include…the board of directors, Steve Hicks and the forKicks program, admin staff, coaches, assistant coaches, set-up & takedown crew, snack bar staff, and support staff that keep the facilities clean and safe. There’s a special thank-you to all the dedicated houseleague staff and parents that return each year and donate many hours of their time to help youth play soccer in our community.  

Thanks to all our volunteers…and know that when we all work together, we can make a difference.

Sports Injuries – Concussion Education

The Toronto Azzurri forKicks & Arts program managed by Stephen Hicks, has partnered with Holland Bloorview to present a  seminar at the Toronto Azzurri Sports Village on the education of pediatric concussions.  As experts in pediatric concussion, Holland Bloorview is dedicated to providing the community with the most up-to-date evidence and resources for concussion prevention, identification, and management. 

All coaches, parents and players should be informed about the importance of recognizing the signs of a concussion and the steps and management techniques needed for a safe and speedy recovery.

The Concussion Handbook

Informed by experts in youth concussion from the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital Concussion Centre, the Concussion handbook is designed to help with your concussion management and recovery.

Whether you’re a kid or teenager who recently suffered a concussion, or a parent of someone dealing with concussion, the management techniques laid out in this concussion handbook can help to speed up the path to recovery.

Recovery times from concussion can vary from days to weeks to months, and while some of that is based on the injury itself, you can also help improve your recovery time by resting your brain and body. You can also accidentally prolong your recovery by doing too much too soon, suffering repeated concussions, or if you have other complicating factors such as: ADHD, learning disabilities, headaches, sleep or emotional problems.

Download the Concussion Handbook

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Emma Lanzillotta is the Winner of 4 TFC Tickets

Congratulations to Emma Lanzillotta who is the winner of 4 TFC tickets. Players who registered by January 31st were entered into our TFC promotion giveaway and she was selected as the winner in our random draw.  Enjoy the game Emma!

Like they say…”The Early Bird Catches the Worm”

TFC Winner
Emma Lanzillotta – Winner of 4 TFC Tickets

Italian Language Course

Whether you want to visit one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, communicate with your relatives and family, or you desire to live in Italy for a period of time for work, study or sport – my Italian program is right for you!

I offer three levels of small group Italian classes.

The A1 level for beginners will start on Saturday, March 9 2019 for sixteen-weeks.

When: Lessons will be held on  Saturdays from 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm
Cost:  $560 for 40 hour program.
(Additional Lessons Available Upon Request)
I use “Caffè Italia” by Eli Edizioni as our test book. This book follows the guide lines of the Common European Framework for the teaching of Italian as a second language.

The main objective of the course is the acquisition of the skills necessary for effective oral and written communication in everyday situations.

Therefore the language of texts and dialogues is close to authentic Italian.



Press Release: Wall of Fame Induction Ceremony

On behalf of the Toronto Azzurri Soccer Club(TASC)and the Toronto Azzurri Soccer ‘Wall of Fame’ Selection Committee, we are very pleased to announce the 9 inductees that will be honoured in the 3rd Annual Edition of the TASC ‘Wall of Fame’ Gala Ceremony to be held at La PrimaVera Banquet Hall, 77 Woodstream Blvd. in Woodbridge, Ontario on Friday, April 12th starting at 6:30pm.

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Letter to our Toronto Azzurri Supporters

Dear Toronto Azzurri Soccer Supporter,

On behalf of the Toronto Azzurri Soccer Club(SC) and the Summer Soccer League Team, I would like to take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you and your families the happiest and healthiest 2019.  

It seems like yesterday that our Soccer Club took over the House League program started up by Alberto DiGiovanni’s Centro Scuola group. That was 20 years ago. Since then, the Toronto Azzurri have tried annually to deliver a passionate Summer Soccer Program with the objective of providing quality through strong technical leadership while keeping our key deliverable… FUN, always on point.

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2018 Azzurri Day Recap

2018 Azzurri Day is now over but the memories will live on.   It was great to see family, friends and players all meet together on the final day of the season to play their final games and to enjoy some food and fun.  There were some exciting games played and we’ve listed the final standings in the results tables below.

We would like to thank all the players, parents, volunteers, staff and friends who helped make it a fun Azzurri day and 2018 soccer season.  

Everyone at the Toronto Azzurri look forward to see you again for the 2019 outdoor season.

13 & 14 Division final game shootout

Azzurri Day Results

7 & 8 Year Old Division

9 & 10 Year Old Division

11 & 12 Year Old Division

13 & 14 Year Old Division

Juve and Toronto Azzurri stars