Outdoor Program

Summer Soccer Outdoor Program

The Toronto Azzurri offers an outdoor Soccer Program during the summer season.  Practice is generally held on Monday nights with games scheduled on Wednesday nights at the Toronto Azzurri Sport Village. 

The program is run by certified technical staff, coaches, and referees. 

Registration per session includes around 14 weeks, a uniform (shirt, shorts, and socks) and an award with pictures at the end of the season. A soccer ball is included.

Location: Toronto Azzurri Sport Village

4995 Keele Street, (Carmen Principato Way)

Time: Monday & Wednesday evenings from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. 
Summer Session: Approx 14 weeks from May 20th through August 20th
Age Groups Under 4 through Under 15
Cost Will be posted Dec 15th 2017

Includes full uniform, ball, team photo and year-end awards

Next Registration: Online Summer Registration starting on December 15, 2017

Early Bird from Dec 15 to Feb 15th.

In-house – Call our office at 416-782-1578

Avoiding and Preventing Heat Related Injuries When Playing Soccer


There are some simple guidelines which have been prepared when it comes to running activities in a hot and/or humid environment. The goal in participating in hot weather is to avoid fluid loss from the body or dehydration. Water not only accounts for some 98% of our body composition, but functions to help deliver oxygen to working muscles, and keeps the body from overheating during strenuous activity. Hard working muscles generate heat which is dissipated through the act of sweating.

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Code of Conduct for Parents of Toronto Azzurri Players

Congratulations!  You have chosen Toronto Azzurri Soccer Club as the organization responsible for providing top quality education to your child, within a professional atmosphere.  Before becoming part of this wonderful soccer experience, there is a responsibility of parents to abide by the following expectations:

  • On the day of scheduled games, parents are expected to bring players to the designated soccer fields, at least 20 minutes prior to the commencement of the game, or as specified by the coach.
  • Parents are to bring children to all practices punctually and regularly.  In the event of an absence from either a practice or a scheduled game, parents are expected to call either the coach or the team manager and justify the absence.
  • During the course of a scheduled game, parents are expected to stay at least three (3) meters away from the sidelines.
  • During all games, parents are expected to encourage by applause and by words of praise the efforts of all team members.
  • Under NO circumstances are parents ever permitted to engage in any form of verbal, racial or physical abuse towards any other person while representing the Toronto Azzurri Soccer organization.


  • Parents are encouraged to assist the Club in taking all necessary precautions to prevent its players, official’s and spectators from threatening or assaulting any person present at the game.
  • Parents are encouraged to remind their children that persistent misconduct, abusive language, violent conduct, persistent criticism or disputing of referee’s decisions, and deliberate physical contact carry an automatic suspensions as well as fines, and should, therefore, be avoided at all times.
  • Finally a reminder to us that as adults we have the responsibility to act as models of sportsmanship and fair play and show our children, by direct example, civilized and mature standards of behavior.

As parents you are responsible, therefore, to adhere to the above-mentioned standards of conduct otherwise your association with this club shall be terminated and your child shall be dismissed from the team.


Our Snack Bar is Open

Our club is happy to announce that a new and improved Snack Bar is open for the season of 2016. Known as “Nazli’s Café”, it is named in memory of Tim Horton’s employee Nazli Verma who was a great friend and contributor to the club.A variety of beverages and food items will be offered including:

  • Pop
  • Water
  • Juice
  • Tim Horton’s Coffee
  • Tea
  • Chips
  • Freezies
  • Hotdogs (Beef, Halal)
  • Beef Patties (Spicy, Mild)

The hours of operation are from 6:00pm – 9:00pm and is located opposite the Stadium Field’s entrance. Hope to see you there soon!

Litter Reminder

Hello Players and Parents,

Just a reminder,  please do not litter on the fields.  Recycle your water bottles and throw out your garbage.  We would like to maintain a clean facility.  The City of Toronto has provided extra garbage and recycling bins. Please use them. If you feel they are still too few bins, let a Toronto Azzurri Staff member know and we will try to accommodate the request.  If we all pitch in, it makes a difference and it will be enjoyable for all.

Thank you.

Safety Reminder – Parking Lot Speeds

Hello Parents and Players,

Please take care in the parking lots and remember to drive slowly as players are excited about their games and are not paying close attention to the cars and the traffic in the lots.

Let’s ensure the safety of the Azzurri Players and slow it down.

Thank you.

Youth Soccer Equipment

The required equipment for playing soccer is specified in the Laws of the Game which is created by the association of football. When you sign up with the Toronto Azzurri soccer organization, your registration will include a regulation soccer ball, a soccer jersey, soccer shorts and socks.  To play soccer you only need to have approved shin guards and a pair of soccer shoes. Soccer equipment is generally cheap, which makes it affordable for anyone to buy.


EyeGlasses are allowed if they are sports spectacles and are safe for the players themselves and for other players. Referees should show tolerance when authorizing their use, particularly for younger players. Materials such as metal or glass are not acceptable. In recreational and house league games referees are expected to show common sense and allow spectacles as long as the basic principals of Law 4 are met.

Youth Soccer Shoes and Cleats

Soccer shoes are especially designed for the sport of soccer and are refered to as cleats. Some have cleats and some are made for indoor soccer. Click here for more information on Youth Soccer Shoes & Cleats



Youth Shin Guard
All soccer players, from utter novices to total experts, have to wear shin guards. It only makes sense in a sport whose primary method of locomoting the ball involves kicking it out from under your opponent’s (also kicking) leg! We’ve all banged a shin into a table at some point, and have hopped around in amazement that such an innocuous accident can be so painful. Click here for more information on Youth Soccer Shin Pads