forKICKS Athletics and Education Organization

The Toronto Azzurri is proud to be a partner with the forKICKS Athletics and Education Organization“.

Why forKICKS? The laws of physics state that the earlier you influence a ball traveling along a certain path, the greater amount of impact your influence will have on the balls ultimate destination. The laws of human nature say much the same thing about children.

Armed with enough positive influences early on in life, children of all backgrounds can show remarkable resiliency in the face of later obstacles. That’s what the forKICKS program is all about.

Participation in sports has proven to be crucial not only to a child’s physical fitness, but to establishing a sense of self-esteem and well being. If we continue to invest the time and effort, we increase the odds for our children to lead healthier, happier, more productive lives.

While large scale special events like the forKICKS Clinics are essential to the forKICKS program, the need they fill represents only the tip of the iceberg. Kids everywhere need active involvement on an ongoing basis at a local level, be it a school,  practice or a clinic.

What can you do to help?

You don’t need to be an expert, you don’t even need to be an athlete. You just need to care, and do something, anything to make a difference. Do it for a kid in your neighborhood. Dot it for yourself. Do it forKICKS.

Kids are entitled to an active life, sport and the pursuit of fun!

The forKICKS Pledge

We will make this happen for kids:

  1. Right to Participate
  2. Right to have Fun
  3. Right to Safety
  4. Right to Freedom of Choice
  5. Right to have a Voice
  6. Right to have Equal Access for Boys and Girls
  7. Right to Easy Access and Proper Facilities
  8. Right to have Quality / Qualified Coaches
  9. Right to have Quality Programs
  10. Right to have Parental / Community Involvement

Founder, Chief of Operations: Stephen Hicks

31_division_logoSergeant Stephen Hicks, the son of a retired Toronto Police officer founded For Kicks in 1999. Highly decorated as a Police Officer, Stephen is also an accomplished athlete in multiple sports – both as a competitor and in coaching. Having worked in the fields of lifeguarding, parks and recreation and hotel management. An accomplished lecturer, Stephen commits countless hours of volunteer work in both Toronto and Durham regions. Stephen Hicks also founded Kicks Fund, and vibrant non profit organization that raises funds for Sick Children’s Hospital.


If you would like further information, or have any questions please contact:

Sergeant Steve Hicks #4700
31 Division Community Response

Universal Youth Foundation

The Toronto Azzurri Soccer Club is proud to announce a strategic partnership with the “For Kicks Organization” and the Universal Youth Foundation. The photo at the left shows Sargent Steve Hicks with Universal Youth Chairman Mario Cortellucci to the left and Toronto Azzurri President Bob Iarusci to the right of Sargent Hicks.

Press conference Letter

The Toronto Azzurri Soccer Club is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with the “For Kicks Organization” and the Universal Youth Foundation.

For almost 40 years, the Toronto Azzurri Soccer Club has buil;t a reputation of developing top teams, top players and top coaches.  In 2008 our under 16 team represented Ontario in the Nationals and our technical director, Carmine Isacco led York University to it’s first national CIS title in 21 years.

Our club realizes that successful programs are a result of a strong club vision and a vibrant membership.  Today, our base membership in our Summer Youth Development Program at York University and the Azzurri Village features over 800 boys and girls ages 4 – 14 years.

Our motto “to teach soccer and build character” also reaches out to every child in our immediate community. Over the past three years, the Toronto Azzurri and the For Kicks Organization under the supervision of Sergeant Steve Hicks of 31 division has allowed many young children from challenged parents in our neighborhood to build character through the great game of soccer.

It is fitting therefore that the Universal Youth Foundation led by Mario Cortellucci has recognized our efforts and has agreed to support this worthwhile initiative.  The Universal Youth Foundation is committed to providing educational assistance to children and youth in need throughout the world by funding schools, teachers and leaders in the communities witrh a goal of creating and inspriring those that are assisted a chance for a better life under better conditions and hopefully become leaders of their community.

On behalf of the Azzurri organization, I am very excited about working with Steve Hicks and Mario Cortellucci to initiate many sports, recreational and educational events that will directly contribute to our common cause.


Distinguished Members of the Media, members of the Board of the Universal Youth Foundation and Toronto Azzurri, players, friends Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud of to be here to day to outline and recognize the success of theprogram “For Kicks” organized by Sergeant Steve Hicks of the Toronto Police 31st Division in cooperation with the Toronto Azzurri and sponsored by the Universal Youth Foundation.

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