Screening Policy 2021

The Toronto Azzurri Soccer Club supports the initiative of Ontario Soccer and adopts its policy and procedures for “Volunteer Screening”.

Educating participants, coaches, managers, leaders, and volunteers about abuse and harassment is very important.  The Toronto Azzurri Soccer Club recognizes that the organization has a responsibility to appropriately educate and screen any person who will have access to vulnerable people. This responsibility is both moral and legal; it is not only the “right” thing to do but it is legislated under the “Duty of Care” concept.

“Duty of Care” is a legal principle that identifies the obligations of individuals and organizations to take reasonable measures to care for and protect their clients.  It is important to understand that Canadian courts will uphold organizations’ responsibilities to screen carefully. This is part of their “Duty to Care.”

It is understood that our Club requires from each leader / coach etc., a copy of the receipt proving that a current vulnerable sector report has been requested.  Vulnerable sector reports are required before sessions with athletes commence.  This receipt will suffice until such time as the official report is received by the applicant and shown to the Club.

Download the Screening Policy January 2021