A Message from Board of Directors

A Message from Board of Directors

On behalf of the Board of Directors, staff, volunteers, coaches, and match officials, we are hopeful that you have had a safe, healthy, and enjoyable Christmas.  We wish each of you and your families continued health, happiness, and prosperity in 2021 as we celebrate a New Year!

We also take a moment as a Board to reflect on the loss of loved ones, family relatives, associates, and friends.  We will always remember them!  Throughout this uncharted global journey, we at the Toronto Azzurri are now preparing and carefully planning for our 2021 outdoor summer season.

Throughout the summer of 2020 many people rose to the challenge of creating a soccer environment that was enjoyable, safe, and well organized.  Even though the environment and restrictions changed constantly, many persons demonstrated unwavering compassion, commitment, personal sacrifice, and dedication to our registered athletes ensuring their safety and well-being.  Through this spirit of generosity, the sharing of gifts and resources allowed us to offer a successful and diverse soccer program regardless of a person’s age, race, ability, gender, or creed.

In an effort, to allow us to organize and prepare meaningful and exciting services and programs for the 2021 summer season we are now accepting player registrations.  For those who deferred their registration to this year 2021, or who participated with us in the summer season of 2020, you will receive registration instructions from us shortly.  Once registered, everyone will receive a confirmation of their registration. 

We as a Board of Directors understand the financial burden we all continue to be facing as a club, individuals, and families.  If financial assistance is required, please contact our Treasurer by e-mail at ronsmale@outlook.com or call Ron at 289-314-5588 to discuss a payment plan that will assist us in having your son or daughter participate in 2021 summer soccer.  Please note that no athlete will be turned away from participating because of social or financial issues.

In summary, we are very aware that unsettled times, conditions and circumstances will continue to exist, and we know that the environment will change constantly moving forward.  Nevertheless, it is important for us to plan, and be flexible in our programing and financing.  Please be assured that player, family, staff, coach, match official and volunteer safety and health will never be compromised.  We are hopeful that you will register with us for the 2021 summer soccer season.  

If you have any questions or concerns, or you require clarification on this messaging please contact the office at 416-782-1578.

Take care!  Be safe! 

Ralph Ciccia                                     Bob Iarusci

President                                          Chairperson