Testimonial – Toronto Tornadoes

Testimonial – Toronto Tornadoes

Toronto Tornadoes Special Olympics Team


My son, Niki loves playing all sports.  He plays soccer, hockey and baseball, having given up basketball due to scheduling conflicts with school.  All these sports teams are for people with intellectual challenges.

For an adult, opportunities to participate in organized sports, especially if one is not really good at it, are less than for children.  For an adult with Down syndrome, these opportunities are even less available.

Toronto Azzurri has given adults such as my son a wonderful chance to play soccer at his own level.  The coaches train these athletes with such patience and caring kindness that he wants to do the best he can at every practice.  During this pandemic, while the soccer pitch is closed, these coaches and organizers have gone all out to keep the players continue as a team by holding online meetings and virtual skills training.  In addition to the camaraderie and physical exercise, this has honed Niki’s computer skills.  These skills will help him in other areas of his life.

We hope that we can return to the pitch soon, ready for many more years of Toronto Tornadoes soccer!

Thank you.

Pirjo – proud soccer mom!