Toronto Azzurri will be running a UEFA Euro 2021 predictions pool to see which of our members can best predict the results of this summer’s biggest soccer tournament. The entrance fee for the pool is $50, with $25 from each entry going to club fundraising and the other $25 going towards prize money allocations, which are outlined below along with tournament rules. Picks will be made through an online platform that will calculate up-to-date point totals for each participant and ensure an impartial calculation of points. Any entrants unable to submit their own picks through the online platform may contact Louise to organize an alternate form of entry through the contact details below.

We are hopeful that there will be an opportunity for an outdoor, socially distanced viewing party for some games, as the clubhouse has hosted in the past, however these viewings will only be done if health and safety regulations permit them to be done responsibly.

Click here to join our club pool today.

TASC Euro Cup 2021 Tournament Rules

  • The link will allow people to register and select their picks in six (6) groups.  You will rank your teams from 1st to 4th in each category.
    • This must be done by June 10th in order to win points in the round robin.
  • The points awarded for each correct pick is: 1st place – 20 points / 2nd – 15 points / 3rd – 10 points / 4th – 5 points.
  • The group stage runs from June 11 – June 23.
  • The top winner in the standings at the end of the round robin wins $250 which comes out of the prize fund.
    • If there are multiple winners, they will split the $250 equally
  • Between June 23 and June 26, players must pick and lock in their winners for the knockout round of the
  • The Knock-out round is:
    • June 26 – 29 – Round of 16
    • Quarter final – July 2 & 3
    • Semi-final – July 6 & 7
    • Final – July 11 at 3:00pm (Toronto time)
  • The points awarded for each correct pick in the tournament round is:
    • Round of 16: 20 points
    • Quarter Final: 40 points
    • Semi Final: 80 points
    • Final: 240 points
  • Overall standings payout:
    • 1st place – 25% of total prize fund
    • 2nd place – 15% of total prize fund
    • 3rd place – 10% of total prize fun
  • Payouts in the event of ties in the top three:
    • 1st place – 3 way tie: Split 50% equally
    • 1st place – 2 way tie: Split 40% equally (1st + 2nd)
    • 2nd place tie – Split 25% equally (2nd + 3rd)
    • 3rd place tie – Split 10% equally
  • All decisions are final
  • Money to be paid out within 1 week of final game

Thank you for being a part of our pool and fundraiser.  We hope you will join us for other upcoming pools – World Cup 2022, etc.

Any questions, contact pool administrator Louise at 905.706.3933